Roof Cleaning

Moss and debris will harm your roof. Let us take care of that for you.

Our Three Step System
Will get your roof truly clean.

Step One

The Brush

We begin every cleaning with a thorough scrubbing using our microfiber brushes. While a chemical spray can kill moss quickly, it will not remove the built-up moss and debris between the shingles.

Brushing does that, allowing the shingles of your roof to do their job keeping water outside of your house. 

Step Two

The Blower

After all of the debris and moss has been knocked loose and cleared from all the cracks and crevices, we use a blower to clear it off.

This keeps it from filling your gutters at the next rain… and also makes your roof look great!


Step Three

The Moss Killer

Arguably the most important part.

Our moss killer dissolves over time, killing moss to the root and preventing it from growing again. It does this without being harmful to other plants, nor toxic to people or pets.

The three stage system cleans deeper than a “soft wash,” while protecting your roof from the damage that can occur if your roof is pressure-washed.

Reach out for more information today!

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